Direct bank transfer




You can pay for your membership through your bank.

  1. Simply select payment option as direct bank transfer
  2. Check “paying for membership” for shipping option
  3. Fill out billing details
  4. Transfer the founds and you become our member


Fill in your details  to register as a member of the ŠD Golovec trails.
The membership period runs from January to December. Please note 2020 membership packs will be sent out from 14 April 2020.
Only after making the payment, you become a full member of ŠD Golovec trails and you can pick up the ordered socks. 

NOTE: If a minor under 7 years of age or a person with no legal capacity joins the association, his / her legal representative signs the accession statement. However, for a person between the ages of seven and fifteen, the legal representative must give his / her written consent before entering. They manage the associations through their legal representatives or trustees. Minors and persons without legal capacity have the right to vote and vote, but cannot be elected to the bodies of the Association.
Minors and persons without legal capacity submit the above mentioned statement or written consent in person or send the signed e-mail:
Membership is voluntary. A member of the ŠD Golovec trails undertakes to act in accordance with the Articles of Association of the Society and to pay the membership fee.
The articles of association can be found at the following link:



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