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Most of our work is voluntary so we encourage everybody who rides on Golovec, to join our club. Fill out the form below and become a member of ŠD Golovec trails!

ŠD Golovec trails is a MTB club established in 2017 with the purpose of encouraging and organizing sports and recreational activities and maintaining mountain biking trails in Ljubljana Golovec. 

The main goals of the club are:

Legal and maintained MTB trails in the area of Ljubljana Golovec,
education of members, children and youth focused on cycling and other sports,
• the pursuit for popularization of sports and recreational activities,
development of our own professional staff,
• getting to know each other, socializing and being active members,
organization of cycling and other sports competitions and events
development of mountain biking tourism in the City of Ljubljana.

The basic membership fee for one year is 25 EUR. By being a member, you help to develop mountain biking trails on Golovec and support the local community. Membership includes a special Golovec trails socks and many benefits over the next season for purchasing equipment and various services. By joining Golovec trails you are helping us support the growth of mountain biking in our region, giving us a strong voice to effectively lobby for mountain biking with the councils/landowners, you are helping ensure loads of quality trails for you, your family and your friends to ride on and you are helping us host more fun events. Thanks.
Registration reminders are sent out during January each year to existing members. We accept bank transfers, Paypal and credit cards for online payments available for memberships. Unfortunately, our young and super enthusiastic membership team have no idea what a cheque is, or what you would even do with one, so sorry we don’t accept cheques for membership payments.

Membership runs from 1 January – 31 December

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